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  • December 17, 2015

MPP Leal Delivers News of a $227,300 OTF Grant for Council for Persons with Disabilities

Peterborough – On Thursday, local MPP Jeff Leal stopped by the holiday lunch for Council for Persons with Disabilities to share the exciting news that it had received a $227,300 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  The three-year grant will be used to help with staffing and program costs for the Council’s Time in My Shoes (TIMS) program.  TIMS is an interactive half-day session for students in Grade 6 thru 8 to develop awareness around accessibility.


“With help from the Ontario Trillium Foundation the Council for Persons with Disabilities will been able to increase staffing and assist with program costs.  This funding will assist in engaging our community as a whole and will help individuals who are marginalized, giving them an opportunity to take on a leadership role.  I want to congratulate everyone involved with this great organization.”

- Jeff Leal, MPP


Funds from the grant will be used to hire a Community Outreach Coordinator, to help bring in peer motivational guest speakers, host and promote community workshops and to help with the costs of program materials. TIMS has developed into a key initiative for the Council, helping young people better understand what it might be like to have a mobility, visual or intellectual challenge and to become aware of the challenges. Funds will also be used to expand TIMS to reach a wider audience including post-secondary students and the business community, while at the same time explore in-school delivery.


“Time In My Shoes is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain insight into, and ask questions about, what it is like to live with a disability from the unique perspective of people who actually live with disabilities.” Jason King, Access Awareness & Education Committee Chair/CPD


The Council for Persons with Disabilities is active in the community and is working to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by promoting equality, opportunity and inclusion so that everyone can contribute and thrive. 


If you are interested in learning more or volunteering your time, please visit the website at:


The leading grantmaker in Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives. An agency of the Government of Ontario, OTF helps build healthy and vibrant communities. For more information, please visit:

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